07 June 2016

Pacific Paradise, Pt. 2

More pics from Moloka'i. [Click pics to embiggen slideshow]

"What the...? A surprise party! I'll kill you. Whose idea was this? All right, everybody's coming to my place. This is ridiculous. Senator, hang onto that, will you, for me?"
Lava boulderette beach Halawa Bay Beach Park
Wisdomie & Wesdom on the 1 x 8 boardwalk on the hike through Kamakou Preserve bog, a tropical rainforest filled with endemic plants leading up to 5000' overlooks 
After off-roading like a boss up to Kamakou 
Hiking down to Kalaupapa Peninsula & former leper colony (apologies to Hudson River School)
On the trail by the shore on the way to Kalaupapa (my knees were red from the steep downhill)
Mules (for those who didn't hike down to Kalaupapa)
'Ohi'a Lehua — Metrosideros polymorpha, endemic to Hawai'i
Heliconia platystachys

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Fantastic shots.

I wish I could have been a stowaway!