02 November 2018

Somewhere in the Swamps of...South Carolina

Some pics from last week:

Gyrfalcon with its handler at Stone Mountain Highland Games. Largest falcon in the world. Amazing eyes!
Salt Marsh on Kiawah Island, SC. A unique ecosystem.
Bike path on Kiawah. Note the Live Oaks with Spanish Moss. 
Live Oak, Saw Palmetto, Deer. What the biking is like on Kiawah.
Some sort of spongey thing on the beach at Kiawah in the rosy light approaching sunset.
Kiawah Sunset!
Cypress Trees in the Swamp at Congaree National Park.
Kayaking along the Cedar Creek in Congaree NP.
Tupelo and Cypress on the Boardwalk Hike in Congaree NP. Note the Cypress Knees.
Congaree Denizen. What a beauty!
Another contribution to my 'Things Growing on Other Things' collection.
This brought back all the feelings. My first job, at the age of 13, was picking cotton. Picked for 2 or 3 summers. My cuticles have never recovered! (If you've ever picked a boll of cotton, you'll know what I mean.)
Beagle hunting with attached radio collar so his owner can locate him.
Someone suggested an upscale restaurant near Santee where we were staying. But when I saw this place, I insisted on eating here. Country Cooking: Beef hash with local rice, BBQ pork, Fried Chicken, Fried Okra, Corn Bread Hush Puppies, Apple Cobbler, Banana Pudding. Just like mama used to make!
Approaching twilight on Lake Santee.