29 May 2017

Is It Really Better to Burn Out Than to Fade Away?

As this blog approaches its tenth year anniversary—hard to believe, that—I have to ask if this blogger is approaching his burn out point.

I've let WoW fade away since that last burst of analytic anger about the colossal clusterfuck of our last presidential election.

I feel so helpless. So right yet so unheeded. (Did you even read what I wrote?)

People suck. They're stupid. Easily gulled. Fools, all. Why cast my pearls of wisdom before such swine?

Especially if no one is listening.

What? A record for posterity? Ha! I laugh at my own pretension.

Maybe Twitter has ruined me for long form observation and reasoning. It's so immediately gratifying.

Maybe it's ruined us all. (Threaders notwithstanding).

My second novel—in draft—is now finished. It's completely different than the first.

No one will buy it. I'm not a salesman. Not a Trump.

The first is a deep dive into the soul of a modern man, displaced and disintegrating. The drama is mostly internal.

The second is about the rise to the mainstream from the underground of the late 20th Century of what we now call the alt-right.

(1) => Psychology/spirituality. (2) =>Politicality/sociality.

(The next shoots for Universality/allegoricality. But that's another story. (Haha. Pun.).).

Much of my energies, I admit, were invested in the last push to finish the second book.

And, literally, the minute I typed "THE END", I opened another document file on my iMac and began novel #3.

It has achieved a certain momentum.

That tripled with my dismay at the foolishness of this country's politics and the seductive allure of Twitter has taken my attention away from you all in blogland.

Apologies to those listed and updating in the righthand column here. If I've not been clicking through to your posts, adding to your daily totals, it's on me. Not you.

All that being said, the future of this enterprise at WoW remains uncertain.