15 May 2015

The Week in Water

Wondering what's going on this week in the world of water? Look no further! This week we focus on the positive, science-y aspects of our planet's most precious resource.

Did you miss the 7th World Water Forum in South Korea? Don't worry, there was a blogger there.

Water is "the weirdest liquid on the planet."

British scientists have revealed the molecular structure of water's liquid surface.

Astrophysicist have shown that water could have been abundant in the early universe.

NASA has found evidence for water ice at Mercury's poles.

What role did water play in the chemistry that led to life on Earth?

Seaweed might have the chemical super-power to counteract the increasing acidification of the world's oceans.

Scientists believe there exists an entire, virtually unknown world of microbial life under the surface of Antartica.

MIT scientists have developed a portable, solar-powered water desalination machine. Portable. Solar-powered. Desalination. This is the sort of game-changer I've been going on about since before I started this little shebeen. Here's another, smaller distiller.

Oak Ridge (Tennessee) scientists have developed a graphene-based desalination membrane. Scalability appears to be the next challenge.

Britain is planning a wind farm some 80 miles off the Yorkshire coast at a submerged island on Dogger Bank.

Want to see a video of the formation of a new island near Tonga resulting from an underwater volcano? Here you go! You're welcome.