05 February 2011

I've Tried Subtlety Before

If you've paid any attention at all to the sporadic political commentary on this non-niche-y blog, you'll know that seeing this article about former Pres. Geo. W. Bush canceling his fund-raising, book-selling trip to Switzerland because of his fear of criminal complaints being lodged against him alleging war crimes under international law gave no end of a certain sense of schadenfreude.

Think Rumsfeld will dare venture abroad to monger his own revisionist dreck after this?

I have held my tongue about Egypt because I'm just as in the dark as anyone else—elites and non—about what the true fault lines are here. Seems to me that if our currently hyper-militarized/corporatized neo-Empire truly held sway, both (or all) sides would be massively armed to the molars and blasting away to make room for more armings. That that's not happening has me baffled.

Is Bush:Iraq :: Obama:Egypt? (That is to say, did Obama just liberate 80 million Arabs?)

Again, has there been subtle persuasion of the undercover agitation and encouragement and organization type at work in Africa's Northern corridor? That is, is this an Obama-style invasion, or is he just butt-lucky? And if there were such subtle skullduggery at play, would we ever know about it?

re: Egypt: When will former VP Dick Cheney (his own self) authoritatively declare the true causes of the Egyptian mess? Is he, like me, waiting to see how it all plays out before deciding where the laudat lies?

Over/under: Cheney himself, not his minions or relations or FoxNews allies (including any who may once have been a small-town Alaskan mayor) who've already been laying the groundwork, will make a definitive statement within one week of Mubarak's stepping down and its becoming clear how the chips will start to fall—if they start to fall in a positively democratic, pro-Israel, secular pro-Western direction he will declare victory for Boosh (Iraq blah blah blah, etc.); if they start to fall in an anti-Israel, Islamist-Caliphate, dictatorial direction, he will blame Obama.

Pints are herewith at stake!

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Frances Madeson said...

"Is Bush:Iraq :: Obama:Egypt? (That is to say, did Obama just liberate 80 million Arabs?)"

Sheez Louise and kidda wihish!!
If so, let him pick the royal family up by the heels and give them a firm shake before they board coach (you're welcome!) on Egyptair, and "liberate" "the Mubaraks'" $30 billion plus change, as well. Say, go halvsies Egyptian and U.S. treasuries, shore up our social security accounts and restore what rightly belongs to us and ours.

(Bang of gavel, case opened and closed!)

Just so you don't think I'm heartless, or bloodless, I know of a nice, warm, 20 x 20 studio apartment in South Philly they can rent reasonably, too. Shazam, I'll even throw in four glasses of the house red wine at Lucky Thirteen's (in walking distance). That's per month, mind you, but a generous allowance under the circumstances; under the dire and disgraceful and wholly undeserved circumstances.

Hookah-tookah, my soda cracka! Now I'll hold MY tongue.