26 May 2011

In Syndication

Sorry. I've been away without explanation. And no, I didn't make the cut for the Rapture (lest you think that explains my absence). Wesdom (now that school's out) & I took a short retreat to the N. Georgia mountains where he obtained his Lifeguard certification [NB: all three of my kids are lifeguards, and all are employed this otherewise dismal summer for jobs], and I re-structured the new novel I'm working on. An agent now has the full text of EULOGY. Please cross the appropriate number of fingers and toes.

Your Choice:

Dream Syndicate A:

or Dream Syndicate B:

Also, one thing I learned this week was that the cool kids in the ATL like this stuff:

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Randal Graves said...


Much easier to comment when fingers aren't crossed. Recrossing.