09 May 2011

Feeling the Nineties—Nostalgia


Anonymous said...

Whoa... how'd you choose 100% Fun over Girlfriend?

In the late 90s when I lived in the NYC area, I became friends with a guy named Robert Becker who played with the Gin Blossoms and was living off his royalty/concert receipts %, and making a couple solo albums. Becker was a pretty funny dude whose music was more somber and depressing than his in-person behavior suggested. I saw a few small-venue shows with him at Mercury Lounge. Don't know what he's up to now. I exchanged emails with him for the first year or so I after I moved here but no real contact since. Don't even know if he's still making music.

I'd pick Girlfriend over Altered Beast or 100% Fun but that's probably just a chocolate vs vanilla thing.

Jim H. said...

Completely reasonable point. I probably overplayed GF when it first came out, and yeah it's probably his best. I just happen to love this song.

My 10th grader's gf told me the other day she loved the Gin Blossoms when it cycled through my iPod while I was driving them to school. I proceeded to enlighten her as to what a gin blossom actually is.

Randal Graves said...

For once on a music post, I can replace "damn, I'm old" with "damn, I moved in different musical circles."