Serial Posts

Over the course of the years on this Blog, I've found the short-form blogpost format somewhat limiting at times. Posts have spilled over into subsequent posts. Below are a number of multi-entry serial posts I've done. One, Thyraphobia, a personal essay, is book length. It runs almost 70,000 words. At some point I may revise it and try to publish it. Another, the Ur-Story link is a bit of literary theory, more particularly a way of understanding the substance of "literary" works. It branched out to my readings of a number of works from the "Gilgamesh" through to Nicholson Baker and Tom McCarthy with its central idea in mind. These specific applications of the theory can be found in the other Page, Jim's Book Club. Enjoy!

[Remember, when you click the link, the posts will be in chronological order from last post to first (latest date to earliest). Go to the bottom of the page and click the "Older Posts" link until you reach the beginning, so you can read them from start to finish.]

Articles of Faith

Being v. Becoming

Diver Down: The Forbidden Isle

Ellman Lectures at Emory University by Umberto Eco

Family of Values

Fear of Metaphor

First Principles

Fishing With John

Frameworks—An Ethico-Philosophical Look at the 2016 Election


Mein Kleine Geistkampf

Parameters of the Last Ark



Tucson Shooting