26 August 2017

Fizzles*: What I'm Reading—Silent but Deadly

My copy looks like this:

Evergreen Edition, Grove Press, 1976
Turns out, there's another edition. Looks something like this:

Nice box and frontispiece:

Illustrated, no less:

Only 250 copies ever made. Saw one auction price of $30,000.

What's more? Jasper Johns was from Augusta, Georgia. Live and learn.

And to top it all off? There's even a soundtrack! Who knew?!

I wouldn't say that's the music I hear in my head when I read Fizzles. But your mileage may vary.

All that for a book that's only like 40 pages long.

UPDATE—8/28/17: Turns out there's a play about the Beckett/Johns so-called collaboration as well. Whodathunkit?

FURTHER UPDATE—8/28/17: Some videos as well. Irish at that. And recent.

*Apparently, 'Fizzles' is a rather bowdlerized translation of the French title, Foirades, a word which means, roughly, "farts", specifically "silent or hissing farts", but also "failures" or "fiascos". So, all this art about farts. LOL, as the kids like to say.

For the record, Fizzles is not a description nor is it a judgment on what's been happening with this blog lately. Or, maybe it is. Your call.