27 February 2012

Brighten the Corner

Okay, Dogs, time to stop lazing about. Let's go for a walk:

Jake (and, yes, that's a vintage Macintosh Color Classic)

Don't look at me that way, you're going too. I don't care if you are all up in my lap:

You never know what you might find. Hey! Don't look at me that way:

Canada Goose, up close and personal
You never know who might live nearby:

In case of flood

Wall fall down:

And here I just gave up wheat gluten for Lent:

Sorry re: [Your City Here]
Well, what can I eat then?

Been there, done that:

Over by Edgewood, almost to Cabbagetown:

Break on through!

Mural, mural, on the wall:

[Seriously, click the link]

and you just might catch Magnum, P.I.:

Footwall? Don't tread on E? There's only about a foot between the windows?

Spongebob Squarerock?

Bravo, Nope, et al.!

Tree orbs:

It was a grainy night:

Good-night, Moon

17 February 2012

My Iliad

I spent my yesterday purging—
Gavilyte G: what wonders!
The G must be for 'gentle'—
And now I am clean.

For the tumor that took my pa-paw
We are forever wed.
My anus your Dardanelles
My ileus your Ilium.

Oh, colonoscopy so dear.
Oh, colonoscopy so near.
Please may there be no tearing.
And may I have the CD to post.

15 February 2012

Theme Song

Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day Bo Diddley covers set.

Now presenting the first candidate for this Blog's official theme song:

09 February 2012

Funny Money

I'm taking a break from my "Mosaic Sadness" series to post about some recent newsy things that have caught my attention.

In November, 2008, I asked the following questions:
"What kind of world are we living in when it is the jesters of our society (Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, Steven Colbert, The Onion, etc.) who are calling bullshit and the 'serious' professional journalists who are essentially taking dictation from the powers-that-be? What happens to the virtues of truth and questioning when the journalists who are not openly biased (as are Fox News, NY Post, Wall Street Journal editorial page, The Weekly Standard, etc.) only report the controversy, not the facts much less the context…?"
The jesters are at it again, and this time they mean business. In the wake of the outrage that was the Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, comedian Steven Colbert set up a Super Political Action Committee: 'Stephen Colbert's Colbert Super PAC: Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow.' He demonstrated how Karl Rove was using his own American Crossroads Super PAC and 501(c)(4) corporation, Crossroads GPS, to, essentially, launder money from anywhere and anyone into the Republican campaign. Fact is, Rove's funny money could come from the Communist Chinese or the Russian Mafia or the Nazi-spawn Koch Brothers. Anyone who wants to influence our government and politics but wants to remain anonymous. Oh yeah, and has buttloads of money.

Here's a couple of telling clips from The Colbert Report:
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Colbert Super PAC - Trevor Potter & Stephen's Shell Corporation
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogVideo Archive

Trevor Potter is a real lawyer, a heavy-hitter, a former FEC official. Karl Rove objected to the besmirching of his otherwise spotless sterling reputation and Colbert responded here:

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Colbert Super PAC SHH! - Apology to Ham Rove
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogVideo Archive

[Poppa' Squat!] [Of course, to Wisdoc, there's not much that's funnier than Ham Rove.]

Colbert's Super PAC reported contributions close to $1 Million dollars as of Jan-30-12. That's real money and a real Super PAC. In fact, it bought political ads in the South Carolina Republican primary, even though the Super PAC was definitely NOT coordinating with Stephen Colbert's candidacy. They were run on TV there, but, more to the point, they got replayed over and over on the cable political talk shows. Chuck Todd, NBC's political director, apparently didn't get the point and caught a case of the vapors. [Here's a clue: Yes, Chuck, he's mocking you and the lameness of your reporting that gives credibility to self-promoting, conmen, joke candidates like Herman Cain and Donald Trump. And, yes, with unlimited, anonymous monies, anyone can disrupt any party with, GASP!, or without satire. That is precisely the problem. It's called 'dramatization'.]

At least somebody gets it. Here's Rep. Nancy Pelosi's (D-Cal) own Stop Colbert video:


Stopping Colbert means stopping the pernicious role of Super PAC funny money in American politics. He's even been giving clues by running an ad saying how dangerous his own ads are.


The lineage of this form of RealKomödie goes back, in my lifetime and memory at least, to the sad-sack Pat Paulson on the old Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

[Is that Henry Fonda narrating? You'll have to search out the remaining 5 parts on The YouTubes.]

Then, of course, there's this absurdist chestnut from the Pythons lampooning media coverage of the same:

[Yes, Chuck Todd, you dimwit, they mean you!]

07 February 2012

My Further Meanders

(1) Set a spell, take yer shoes off, y'all come back now, y'hear, or (2) right-size Stonehenge buried to the neck [click pics to embiggen]:

By chimney, yes we cairn:

This might be for some sort of game, but darned if I can figure it out:

The perennial question: Ford or Chevy?

Violet muck©:

Kudzu über alles:

Possum? Raccoon?

I'm not going in there. You go first:

For you ski bums, this may have something to do with the path's difficulty:

Bustin' out all over. Seems like we skipped an entire season here in the ATL. Normally, by this time of year we've had several weeks of freezing temps, and the weather's about to turn. This year? Two days. That means a bad summer for 'squitos. Now, the first of February, the perennials are starting to bloom. As much as I enjoy being able to go out running in shorts and tee-shirts all year long, I'm somewhat disturbed—especially if this is a long-term trend and not simply a La Niña effect

Jonquil or Daffodil—you tell me:

No clue:



The versatile and much-underrated Lorapetalum:

Something a-purpling:

Confederate (?) Jasmine—if so, DO NOT EAT!



Fallen cherry blossoms:

05 February 2012

The Woods Behind My House

Pics from my daily running route. I almost never bring my phone or a camera, but Saturday I did—to your detriment.

The path used to look like this mostly:

Then they "improved" it, and now it looks like this:


And she's buying a ...

Who's a good boy? Jakey is. Yes, he is. The best dog ever. This all used to be hidden under cover of woodlands:

Now anybody can find it:

What it is is the old Decatur waterworks:



Does whatever a spider can:

Eek! a bug:

Reminiscent of the classic London style:

The Alamo?

Pez, anyone?

Woof sacrament!

Pylon? Reservoir?


Casa H from the back: