22 March 2018

Utah-ing: Galactic Disappointment

Had a chance to make a quick jaunt out to Utah. Wisdoc (ATL) and Wisdaughter (LA) wanted to meet up for a ski weekend. Now, I can ski; it's just that I have a bit of trouble stopping, and I'm getting to the point in my life where I don't really like to fall much. So I decided to find other adventures. I had hoped—and planned—to spend one night in what's called a Dark Sky Park (no light pollution) and try to take photos of the Milky Way galactic center which rises in March around 3:00 am. Unfortunately for me but luckily for the girls, it snowed every night. Did not venture out much after dark, but I found a few other interesting sites within a couple hours drive of Park City to take the cameras out for a trot.

Saltaire Music Venue near Great Salt Lake State Park. (Olympus OM-D E-M5; Olympus 17mm lens 1:1.8; polarized filter)
The Great Salt Lake
Antelope Island State Park in the middle of the Great Salt Lake—the Dark Sky Park where I was hoping to take my shot at the galactic center.
The Tree of Life: Roadside Attraction at Mile Marker 26 on I-80 going west, on the north side of the highway. (iPhone X)
Even Atlas Obscura isn't quite sure what this thing is supposed to be. 
Bonneville Salt Flats at the last Rest Area on I-80 in Utah before getting to Nevada.
Propping my iPhone X on the salt, foregrounding a rock. Bonneville Salt Flats. Click the pic to enlarge and see the granules of salt. It was a hard, solid crust.
Bonneville Salt Flat speedway off Exit 4. Flooded. Water's about 1" deep all the way to the horizon.
A group of University of Utah students doing a film shoot.
Obviously I found them to be a great subject.
Emerald colored lake. I-80.
Same with cool vanishing point.
The next day I went snowmobiling. First time. 5" fresh powder!!
Scene from 9000'.
Rest stop cabin at 9000'.
Literally the most adorable diner ever. Imported from New England. National Historic Register. Oakley, UT. Great lunch after snowmobile morning, btw!!
Wisdaughter on the streets of Park City. Last night.