30 March 2008

SWEEEEEEET! The Best Weekend of the Year?

For certain sports fans it is, here in the good old U. S. of A. Why? The NCAA Regional Championship basketball games—the sweet sixteen and eight elimination rounds—to determine which teams go to the Final Four. Each team has already won two tournament games to get to this point. These are amateur athletes representing their colleges. Traditional powers and Cinderellas. If you lose one game, you go home. If you win, you move on to the next round. There're scant few tournaments that boast this sort of built-in drama. And it's especially SWEET when your own college team (in my case my alma mater, the Tarheels of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) advances. All the match-ups at this level are exciting.

But that's not all! It's also Opening Day for major league baseball. And tonight, our Atlanta Braves travel to D.C. to inaugurate the new stadium for the Washington Nationals. Here, baseball means spring has officially arrived and the promise of summer being just around the corner.

The culmination of one season, the beginning of another. This weekend, annually, gets my vote for best sports weekend of the year.

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