21 March 2008

"Bueller? Bueller?"

P.Z. Myers, a biologist, gives an account of his being excluded from the opening of a creationist film entitled Expelled here. But, what's funnier is who his guest was. Here's a hint. Somehow, they missed him.

That, I suppose, is of a piece with the recent "news" of the excavation of a saddle purportedly used for domesticating dinosaurs. And, of course, this.

Actual Photo

(btw: The big debate seems to be whether Noah took the dinosaurs on the ark or they were killed in the Flood.)

And you know what gets me? The blog for this film gets, as of this writing, 599 comments and I get maybe one or two once in awhile. Such is Wisdom's plight.

"Stein? Stein?"

Then, of course, there's always the snark. Enjoy.

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