06 September 2017

My Scandinavian Adventure: Stockholm Archipelago

In my last post I mentioned "must do's". The Stockholm Archipelago was the number one must-do on our list. The Archipelago is a chain of some 30,000 islands in the Baltic Sea. Most are granite or volcanic rock. Many Stockholm residents have their summer cottages here, but many of the islands are an easy day trip by ferry from the center of town.

Sandön, or Sandhamn Island, is the last island before the open Baltic for the overnight boats to Helsinki. It is about a 3 1/2 hour boat ride from downtown. Our boat served coffee and pastries, lunches, and snacks and beer. Wisdaughter and I spent a lovely day walking around the small island, enjoying a lunch of crawfish and halibut on the harbor. (As always, click pics to embiggen!)

Wisdaughter. Setting out from Stockholm.
Soaking in the vibe. (h/t Wisdaughter)
Island summer cottage in the Archipelago.
Arriving Sandhamn. Reminiscent of Maine. (h/t Wisdaughter)
Sandhamn Harbor.
I'm told Strindberg slept here.
Snapping the next pic below. You mean to tell me that guy has run more than 50 foot races and 2 triathlons on THOSE calves?! GTFOOH! (h/t Wisdaughter)
The beach on Sandhamn!
Beach cottage, Sandhamn.
Need to borrow a bathing suit top?
Summer flowers. Summer cottage. Sandhamn.
Barn on Sandhamn.
Imposing cottage, Sandhamn.
The Museum at Sandhamn Harbor.
The return. Marshy, reedy narrow passage.
Summer cottages. Stockholm Archipelago
Pleasure boat harbor and rocky outcropping. Stockholm Archipelago.
Returning to Stockholm.
Giraffe crane. Stockholm.
More sky drama. National Museum. Stockholm, Sweden.

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