01 September 2017

My Scandinavian Adventure: København

I got to go to Scandinavia this summer. My first time there. First stop: Copenhagen with my daughter. The city is orderly, clean, cordial, easy to negotiate, lovely. A first rate European city. Everybody speaks English as a second language. Every place takes credit cards—did not have to exchange currency. The city is flat. Very walkable. There are more bicyclers than cars. Every street has one-way bike lanes, separate from either the sidewalks or the road. We rented bikes and explored the city for hours—off the beaten tourist maps. Never once felt at risk of being hit by a motor vehicle (or mugged). Every corner has separate bike stoplights, and the use of proper hand signals for turning and stopping is mandatory. As we were heading back to our AirBnB next to the Health Sciences campus of Copenhagen University (which is huge and has campuses all over town), next to the lake, we got caught in a torrential rain coming in off the sea. Didn't even care! We dined in old town, mostly. Charming squares. Also, breakfasted on great pastry and good coffee!!! (as always, click pic to embiggen)

Flights delayed, got in late, only kitchen open just across the lake: Southern cuisine! LOL. Great meal of pot roast and cole slaw. Daughter had wings and french fries. I kid you not...
...Oh, and local beer!
Biggest downtown tourist attraction: Tivoli. Did not make it inside. Nice gate though.
Charming, picturesque downtown.
Big David Lynch fans there, apparently.
Could've been from the House of the Undying, in Game of Thrones.
The port of Nyhavn is essential. It was a 15-minute walk from our flat.
Ditto with some sky drama.
Ditto with photobombing Danish troll?
Took a boat tour of the harbor and canal from Nyhavn. The opera house—Danish modern, I presume.
Not so modern Amalienborg Palace and Frederick's Church with the largest dome in Scandinavia, all of which we later toured on foot.
Beers by the lake after a day of biking and before getting drenched. Our AirBnB is just across the lake there.
Central Station. Taking a train. But where to?

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davidly said...

Malmö would be my first guess.