04 September 2017

My Scandinavian Adventure: Stockholm

Next stop: Stockholm. (Sorry, davidly. Didn't have time for Malmö. Good guess, though.) As much as I enjoyed Copenhagen, I loved Stockholm. Loved it! A great European capital. It is a city of many islands and thus many bridges and canals. Wisdaughter and I stayed on Gamla Stan, the oldest island right in the center of the city. Architecture and layout is medieval. Cobblestone streets. Charming, magical. Again, AirBnB in a building built in the early 16th Century. Where we found the Danes to be urbane and cordial, everyone here was equally as sophisticated but also incredibly friendly. Coffee shop, sidewalk cafe, and pub chats were always amiable and enjoyable. Even at random grocery or clothing stores. Also, the absolute best coffee!! Swedes love their coffee. It's a thing there.

As with Copenhagen, we had no agenda going in. There were several things on our 'Must Do/See' list, but no strict timetable. Stockholm is not as bicycle accessible as Copenhagen or Amsterdam, but it is very pedestrian friendly. We walked for miles and miles every day exploring, shopping, stopping for coffee or beer or lunch at some random sidewalk cafe, soaking in the city vibe. We hit a couple of museums, but that wasn't the highlight. For me, it was the overall welcoming charm of the city and its people. (as always, click pics to embiggen)

This is the alley in Gamla Stan (Old Town) where we stayed. Gate on the right.
The oldest square in Stockholm where we would wind up our evenings. Home of the Nobel Museum across the way. We ate or had beer at every cafe here! Our alley is visible up the far street to the left. Red building was built in 1482!
Narrowest alley in Stockholm (on Gamla Stan). That's some Harry Potter-looking stuff.
Street view in Gamla Stan.
Vasa Museum. Large warship that sank less than 3 miles after christening and launch back in 1600s when Sweden ruled the Baltic Sea. On island of Djurgården. 
Nordic Museum of Scandinavian lifestyles through the ages. Djurgården. 
 King Gustav Vasa who presides over the Nordic Museum.

Yes. Abba has its own museum. Djurgården. Did not go in but had lunch in the cafe. Abba earworms are inevitable when visiting pretty much anywhere in Stockholm. Get over it. They were a great pop group.
I'll leave you with some lovely, moody vistas of the city and its always interesting skies.

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Just as well. Stockholm Malmö ain't.