31 August 2015

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Maui Wowee!

Adventure time on the Valley Isle (click pics to embiggen slide show):

Old Japanese cemetery—but why on a sand dune?
Sunset in Lahaina
Hiking in the West Maui mountains: Waihee Ridge Trail. Yes, it's a sheer drop on either side
The footing was, to say the least, tricky
You can't be afraid to get your feet wet or use your hands to scramble
But, wowee! Worth it it was: OVER the rainbow, volcano, + ocean. Yes, OVER the rainbow
Then turn 180º for this paradisal view as the clouds lifted: We counted 14 waterfalls from this vantage, many over 1000'. Magical Maui!
Post-hike. Sore feet.
View on the Hana Road
Muddy Bamboo Forest hike past Hana
Can't even see the top!
Don't like wet hiking? Try a caldera in an extinct volcano above the clouds
Silver Sword—a plant unique to Haleakala at 10,000' 
Selfie with trail across the volcano visible. Approx. 11 miles across (for scale)
That's all uphill on the way back
A rainbow 'round the sun!
"Slow down, Daddy. There's a turn up ahead you don't want to miss!" "Doesn't anyone want to play 'Thelma & Louise?'"
"Y'know, I think that's where all our information is stored now." "Really, Daddy? Really?"
Maui sunset from our friends' lanai in Kula at 3000'
Does your Thai restaurant menu look like this? It should!


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Memories! I stayed at the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel twice back in the 90s.

Awesome, both times.

Jim H. said...

We rented a house (VRBO) right across the street from the resort. Unforgettable!