28 August 2015

I'm Back

And I have pics! Enjoy.

(click pics to embiggen slide show)

Is it me, or does the Red River seem dry?
Narrow band of green + parched land around the Colorado River
Leaving the continent. Hurricane Delores lurking out at sea.
Why isn't your airplane painted like a salmon?
Iconic view of Diamondhead from Waikiki
Honolulu from Diamondhead with western mountains as backdrop. (Because it was there)
The East-West Institute at UH at Manoa 
Stand of rare yellow bamboo
I have no idea what this portends. (Above Kailua)
For your Japanese bluegrass listening pleasure
Searing my mackerel sashimi at Izakaya Naru
Humuhumunukunukuāpua'a, (Try saying that. No Singing. See below.) aka Hawaiian Reef Trigger fish: the beautiful State Fish
Scorpionfish, also seen while diving off Oahu. There were some cool white-tipped reef sharks and large sea turtles there, too!
How do you say swimming pool in Hawaiian? Waimea Valley, North Shore, Oahu
Farewell Indian feast at Cafe Maharani, our favorite.

[Sorry about that, folks. Maybe this will get that saccharine taste out of your mouth.]

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

What a trip, Jim H.

Love your fish pics!