02 December 2010

Global Warming, Alien Life Forms, and Republicans

There's a U.N. Climate Change Conference going on now in Cancun, Mexico. You can follow developments here.

Early indications are that 2010 has been at least the third warmest year on record since records began in 1850 and that this has been the warmest decade.

Meanwhile, here at home, the incoming Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives has disbanded the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming created by Democrates in 2007 to focus on the causes and effects of continued climate change.

NASA has just announced that it has discovered a new form of life here on planet Earth. It is an arsenic-fueled life form. It is a type of bacteria that lives in California's poisonous Mono Lake and uses arsenic as the building block of its DNA. We are, of course, carbon-based life forms. Bottom Line: We have a competitor for life space on this planet.

Now if you follow the periodic table of elements' "two-down-one-over" theory for finding the complete elemental poison (such that arsenic is the complete poison for carbon-based life) [see Evolution], then, as this blogger suggests, if the Republicans continue to deny global warming and block scientific analyses and solutions for it, we'd better stock up on polonium (the element two down and one over from arsenic) before these microorganisms start evolving which, contrary to biblical theorists, they will—especially as the environment becomes increasingly more hospitable to them.

Who else, I ask you, is continually making Star Trek allusions:

or keeps coming back to silly Monty Python skits:

Speaking of Republicans, this guy (he who must not be named) apparently fell for one of the oldest cons in the world, the so-called Nigerian Prince scam (aka the Spanish Prisoner), to the tune of $180 million.

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Randal Graves said...

Imagine the supervillainy Cheney will now be able to fund with all that unclaimed Nigerian next-of-kin scratch.