10 July 2010

Strictly Commercial

"Beckenbauer???? Hahahahaha!?" "Quatro quatro dos." A little nostalgia from the last World Cup. Cool song, too.

Just so you know: the reason soccer will never be HUGH in this country (even though more kids play it than any other sport) is that there are no commercial breaks for forty-five minutes (plus) at a time. Full Stop!

Think how many chances during sixty minutes of pro American football (games usually last about three hours), or forty-eight minutes of pro basketball (about two and a half), or nine innings of baseball (forever) there are to jam the imago of some commodity into your nodding cranium. Some sports even have what they call "TV time outs" [sic]. Those opportunities are simply not there in soccer matches. The big boys thrive on hammering home the message over and over and over again until you, their target audience, identify with their product.

The ad above is a wonderful piece of story telling. It works in so many ways. It's insidious and brilliant.

Enjoy Sunday's match! The World will be watching. I've got Spain, but I hope the Dutch make a good game of it.


BDR said...

There was a study done within the past year (I could find it, I suppose, but that would be research) that in a sixty minute football game, *while* the clock is running, there is an average of only twelve minutes of actual action. Considering I have to invest three + hours for that eleven minutes, eff that.

But you're absolutely right as to why business won't get behind soccer.

I've been wrong about Spain from the start, so while I'm probably wrong, go Dutch.

Frances Madeson said...

The game just got that much more interesting--like butter!

I got into soccer when I lived in DC. I believe the team was called The Diplomats.

(Here's a shot in the dark: I'm guessing Daniel Green's eyes are blue, or blueish.)

Jim H. said...

For a pint of winner's choice, Dog?

FM: Neither sports nor politics are a healthy means of society's sublimation of its aggressive instincts. Discuss among yourselves.

Jim H.

Frances Madeson said...

(Such a modest wager. Such an extravagant topic!)

Jim H. said...


BDR said...

Pints on me. You easily (called chalk) won the predictions!

When in or passing through DC (it's much more likely you'll be here, I bet, than me Atlanta - nothing against Atlanta, I just have no reason to go there but a pint bet payoff, oofdah) beverages on me.