19 July 2010

A Spot of Bother

I got myself in a bit of dutch with a couple bloggerpals over at BDR's joint. I even used some foul language—but it was to make a point comparing the Garden Party to the Tea Party (I won't link to those ignoramuses).

Thanks, Dog, for providing a forum. Didn't mean to bigfoot your Comments, I just felt wordy at the time. BDR riposted with his usual cool salience. He's pretty good that way. You should follow him.


BDR said...

Thanks for bump and Kind.

Bigfoot all you want. I'm flattered you read and comment.

Frances Madeson said...

Remember that gathering I went to where I gave Jim Dean a copy of your Feckless post? I would say the main, but it was really the only, significant progressive accomplishment he could point to in his report that evening was the victory in securing a majority of seats on the Chicago Water Board. An important accomplishment, yes, but the news was delivered with a gusto and greeted with an ovation the likes of which I would have expected for a digest of dozens of such items.

I'll tell you, Jim, I left that meeting completely shaken.