15 April 2008

Pres.* Bush Greets His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI at Andrews AF Base

Or, to put it another way:: Unindicted torturer and war criminal George W. Bush meets a former member of Hitler youth and contemporary pedophile protector at the airport and escorts him onto American shores.

What is the symbolism of this photo-op? Does Bush meet him at the airport because the Pope won't have dinner at the White House? The Pope flies into a U.S. military base: does that mean he tacitly approves Bush's Iraq adventure? Or, possibly, the next adventure into Iran? Is this, indeed, turning into a Crusade? And what sort of salute is that anyway, Herr Ratzinger? And to whom is it extended? We, the American people? Your closeted right-wing constituencies here? Who is Mr. Bush smiling at? And exactly who is he saluting with his downward-pointing left hand? Could it be S-A-T-A-N? Yeah, I guess that's funny in a frat-boy sort of way.

Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, love the red shoes!

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