06 February 2013

Being v. Becoming, Pt. 2(b): The River Twice—Πάντα ῥεῖ

  • To god all things are beautiful and good and just; but men suppose some things to be just and others unjust.
  • To those who are awake the world-order is one, common to all; but the sleeping turn aside each into a world of his own.
  • They are estranged from that with which they have most constant intercourse.
  • ...though the truth is available to all, the many live as though their opinions were meaningful and true.
  • Life is a child moving pieces in a game. The kingship is in the hands of a child.
  • Human opinions are as children's toys.
  • Pride [hubris] needs putting out, even more than a house on fire.
  • Rhetoric is the prince of liars.
  • A stupid person tends to become all worked up over every statement [he hears].
    • The dogs bark at everyone they do not recognize.
  • Thinking is common to all.
  • It is common to all men to know themselves and to act with moderation.
  • Moderation is the greatest virtue, and wisdom is to speak the truth and to act according to nature, giving heed to it.
  • How can one hide himself before that which always exists and is available to all?
  • Nature loves to hide.
  • The hidden harmony is stronger than the apparent.
  • Those things of which there is sight, hearing, understanding I esteem most.
    • [Though] Eyes and ears are bad witnesses to men if they have souls that do not grasp the deeper meaning.
  • ...in sleep the channels of perception are shut, and the intelligence in us is severed from its kinship with the environment. ... When it is separated in this way, the mind loses the power of remembering which it formerly had, but in the waking state it once more flows forth through the channels of perception as through so many openings, and making contact with the environment recovers the power of reasoning.
Πάντα ε (panta rhei): "everything flows" 
Changing, it rests.

The Same River? The Same Man?



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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Orbs Over the Abyss


P.S. The notorious D.A.W.G. knows very well who the postman is. She waits by the door when she sees his car, so she can fling herself at it and growl ferociously when he delivers the mail.

She looks forward to it.

Randal Graves said...

"Can we play with it now?"

"No, you can't play with it. You won't enjoy it on as many levels as I do."