20 February 2013

Brief Interlude: Time Away

Rays on the wing
A hole in the ground? 
Copper Mine
On the ground and through the Pass

Western Magpie?
Ice, Ice, Baby
Life in a Western Town?
Top of the Hill
Aspens + Lodge + Chalets
Bumps and Runs (and Rays, Oh My!)
Unto these hills
The lodge ledge
No matter how you slice it...
...it's a chiasm
Night orbs and strings of orbs
Western Style = 1 lb: Defeated Wesdom
Back in the ATL


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Awesome pics!

I was in Park City, once. Great skiing. Good thing it was a corporate boondoggle, or I can't afford it.

Randal Graves said...


They say it's a copper mine, but we know better. Attempted skiing would leave me a mangled corpse, so I'll just darkthrone through the pretty landscapes.

Jim H. said...

Me, too. RG. Don't ski. Tried a couple times some years ago (hillbilly skiing out East) & sucked & got tangled up & hit stuff. Wisdom being the better part of valor... or some such shit ... I don't even try anymore.

Others of my family, however, feel differently about same.

I, in fact, darkthroned my ass all over the area. Running, hiking, etc. Felt like I was breathing oxygen through a straw for a while. Even got winded going up and down stairs.