11 December 2009

Son of Zappadan

We present one of the true 'high' priests of Zappadan. This guy never failed to clear the Elton John-, Bad Company-, Grateful Dead-, Kansas-, Peter Frampton-loving types out of my dorm room (that is when "Freak Out" or "We're Only in it for the Money" failed to do the trick), cement my cred, and still leave that sublime last minute just for my ears only.


Mitchell J. Freedman said...

Hey Jim! You in da top 5 for Blunderbuss! Congrats, my friend!

Jim H. said...

Thanks, MF. Glad to've made your cyberacquaintance. Be seein' you!

Jim H.

mark hoback said...

Bout time for some Beefheart!

A. Ominous said...

"Freakout"? Owned it. Loved it. But nothing... no, nothing... beats "One Size Fits All".