18 April 2009

And Just How Big Are You?

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Frances Madeson said...

Another intoxicating post. I could drink a case. Jim, did you ever read Daniel's story The Higher Learning? I loved it. It was one of the funniest things I've ever read in my life. There was, however, one word that has plagued me, and as I re-read the story periodically it grows in a horrifying significance. The word is: Justification. I can't make it out within an inch of my life. I mean acme and fulfillment I understand--who wouldn't? But justification struck me as ominous, sickeningly so. I would be ever grateful if you could shed light on that almost terrifyingly monstrous resonance. Welcome back from the edge of the world, Brother Jim. Something tells me you're going to be in fine form now that you've filled your lungs with sea-air.

Jim H. said...

Funny you should ask....

See my next post, Dated 4/19/2009, where justification is the subject (sort of).

Jim H.

btw: you really should check out the full-size pic on this post.