09 August 2011


Köln has a cöl Hauptbahnhof:

They advertise their art shows on the floor:

And you think you're Goth:

Take your favorite cathedral. You can probably fit two or three of them inside this one, the original Gothic:

Randal: Got some window pics just for you:

Primitive pixelation? or maybe they just ran out of ideas:

But hey, with pigtailed saints like this, I might even think about converting:

Hey, dude, move your head:

No, you take the Soviets (sorry about the shaky hands):

Wasn't this guy on South Park?

You ever wonder where some of those guys get their umm notions?

Found this just lying around:


Done with the Jesus. Time for a bier.


No Chinese for me tonight, thanks. Must be Tone's Chinese brother. Wonder how you say 'Funky Cold Medina' in Chinese. Or German for that matter.

The Museum Ludwig's right next door to the train station and the cathedral. Nicely curated, modern and post. Worth a walk through. Caught us all totally by surprise. Picasso here:

That's a Rauschenberg, with reflected Warhols, etc.


Randal Graves said...

Another batch of swanky shots, and I thought those piecemeal stained glass windows were odd, I've never seen anything pixelated like that.

Heh, I think most of the saints are as purty as us.

Non-American beer? Even I'd drink that.

Jim H. said...

Sorry I didn't respond earlier. For some reason, when you comment, the email I receive goes to Spam folder. Just saw the three of them. A lot of the saints are grotesques, like the one next to Heidi there.