15 August 2011

City of De-lights

Oh yes I did:

Inside Sacre Coeur:

The view from the top:

How I felt after climbing up there:


My family is under strict instructions: if they ever—EVER—catch me wearing a pair of the European capris, they are to put a bullet through my temple:

Jaunty Jeanne:

In another station of the Metro:

Mallage (Les Halles, Film Institute):

An Indiana Jones kind of sky:

Oh, green water...I'm not that thirsty:

Headless babies, naked men, oh my:

A choir of carp? A trio of trout?

You want upskirt?

I'll give you upskirt (and probably send my hit counter flying):

You want naked ass?

I'll give you naked ass (ditto):

No telling where that finger's been:

Topiary by template:

Versailles is obscenely opulent; I can understand why the French revolted:

Art for fruit's sake (Love that Archimboldo):

Paris is great, just don't lose your head:

Hey, Isn't that Harry Potter?

Wait, wait, don't tell me:


Silly boy:


Mais Oui!


Randal Graves said...

Sex and death, that is what it's all about, innit?

Jim H. said...

And food & wine!