25 August 2018

Northwest Passage - Pt. 1: Stats and Modes of Transport

Planes, trains, boats, bicycles, automobiles, and boots: these were my means of exploring a tiny corner of our great northern neighbor Canada for two weeks in August, 2018.

Detail Map of Southern British Columbia and Alberta, Canada (click to enlarge and trace route below)

If you're planning a trip, here's our agenda:

•  flew to Seattle, spent a weekend with daughter and her fiancé from LA and his parents - 2182 miles;

•  took a ferry to Victoria, British Columbia, spent two days exploring - ~ 3 1/2 hours;

•  caught another shorter ferry ride to Vancouver, met up with son and daughter-in-law from Honolulu - ~1 1/2 hours;

•  rented a camper and drove to Kelowna on Lake Okanagan - 393 km

—from there to Kinbasket Lake near Glacier National Park - 319 km

—then to Banff National Park and Lake Louise with a detour into Yoho National Park - 399 km 

—then to Jasper National Park along the Icefields Parkway - 303 km

—then to Clearwater Lake near Wells Gray Provincial Park - 349 km

—then to Whistler ski resort - 530 km

—spent our last night at a campground in Squamish - 49 km

—back to Vancouver - 33 km

•  dropped son and d-i-l at Vancouver airport, returned camper, and caught Amtrak from Vancouver back to Seattle - ~4 hours.

•  flew next day back to ATL.

By my inexact calculations,

—I drove the RV a total of 2450 km, or 1522 miles

—hiked ~52 miles with a total of ~3500-4000 feet of elevation change

—city walked (Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver) ~25 miles

—biked ~13 miles (Victoria).

Ferry Seattle, WA to Victoria, BC
U-bike rental, Victoria, BC
Adorable water taxi, Victoria Harbour
Ferry Victoria to Vancouver
RV Camper
Merrell Hiking Boots
Details and pics galore to follow.

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