21 March 2016

Mono Lake (This Week in Water, kinda' sorta') Pt. 1

This is not really a new #ThisWeekInWater, but it sorta' is.

Sometimes you get lucky. We all know people who are photogenic. They may look undistinguished in real life, but when you see them in a photograph they look amazing. There are also places that are photogenic, and I stumbled on one of them last week.

A little backstory: A couple weeks back, Wisdoc & I went with our neighbors, Chris & Ginger, to the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA, to see a terrific photography exhibition entitled "Ansel Adams: Before & After." There, I saw some striking photographs of a place I'd never heard of called Mono Lake (Wikipedia article here) and wondered where it was.

The next weekend, Wisdoc & I flew out to the Left Coast to take Wisdaughter skiing for Spring Break at Mammoth Lakes, California. As long-time readers may recall, last year, while skiing at Deer Valley, Utah, I fell, hit my head, and nearly wrecked my shoulder. This year I decided to treat the time as a writer's retreat. (And yes, if you're interested, I managed to get some good work done.) But when I began studying the map of the Eastern Sierras and Yosemite and the Owens Valley, I discovered that Mono Lake was only about a half-hour drive from Mammoth. So I borrowed Wisdoc's pretty good digital camera and decided to make a day of it.

The result? Several posts worth of photographs. The thing is, when reviewing them, there was hardly a bad shot in the hundreds I took. And, for the most part, it had nothing to do with my own skills at framing and shooting. This place just happens to be one of the most photogenic places on earth. I mean it! If you love to take pictures, grab yourself a decent camera and go to Mono Lake. (Heck, some of my faves I took with my paltry iPhone camera). You'll start thinking you're not a rank amateur shutterbug.

Prepare to be wowed! (or not). Here's the first batch.

And, as always, click pics to embiggen slide show or right click thumbnail for expandable pic.

Algae near the shore

More to follow.

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