14 November 2014

Druid Dancing Day

Today is the day all the leaves fall off the sacred Gingko tree in my neighborhood. 'Tis a holy day for Druids, a day to dance the day away. And so a Druid-themed pic cascade.

[As always, click pic to embiggen; mouse over for 'secret' message.]

A specimen Gingko Biloba, golden carpet

All the leaves fall in one day!

Who else is watching the Gingko leaves fall?

A fat* Red-shoulder Hawk, that's who!
Speaking of hawks:


@ The Highland Games, Stone Mtn.

"That'll do, dog."

Atlanta Ferris Wheel

Same, different angle from inside The Tabernacle

Architectural pic from inside The Tabernacle, Atlanta

 Bonus pic:

"If I were about 40 lbs heavier, I could jump down from here and eat you." [And, yes, that's a WFMU lunch box with Mickey Mouse and the gang doing 'The Last Supper' up on top of my fridge.]

Speaking of Druid dancing:

Spinal tap - Stonehenge by samithemenace


* This morning when I let the dogs out, Lily went charging out into the dog run barking like a fiend. A largish hawk took off and alit on a nearby tree branch. When I went to get the dogs after their and my breakfasts, Bruno had a squirrel's tail in his mouth. It disappeared down his gullet before I could wrest it away from him. I suspect the above hawk could be the same one that was in my yard earlier, now so fat and stuffed with squirrel that it doesn't even bother to fly away when approached by camera-bearing folks. A real Druidic-type omen, for sure.


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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Cool hawk!

Unlike that common tater above. Seems he's running all around blogspot.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Don't get crushed by a dwarf! I love the Stonehenge bit, and I can't help but think it was modeled after this tune.

Have you ever collected the ginko "fruits" to collect the nuts? They stink like hell, but the seeds are tasty. One of these days, I swear I'll grab some street gingko fruits.