07 June 2014

Big Island Adventure: Animal

On our hikes and travels around the Big Island of Hawai'i (also named Hawai'i), we had some interesting fauna spottings and encounters—some of which we managed to capture on "film", that is to say "pixels". [I don't yet have access to the underwater shots and footage which include Tiger Shark [OMFG!], White Tip Shark, Manta Ray [YESSSS!!!], Giant Turtle, and Eagle Ray.]

[As often, click pic to embiggen slide show, mouse over pix for 'secret' message, and (h/t thunder!) right click pic to open in new window.]

Two Chameleons on a coffee plant
Magnificent Golden Bird of some kind. [shot with my f'ing iPhone!][edit: Saffron Finch?]
Cats kept wild
Duck? [edit: Muscovy Duck? h/t thunder in Comments]
While on the abortive 1400' waterfall bushwhack [see previous post], this little guy came at me out of the brush and nuzzled the back of my calf and then hiked with us for about a mile [after Wisdomie gave him a cookie]. I was startled and made a noise when he first hit the back of my leg, thinking it was a wild boar and I'd been tusked. Turns out not so much.
Same hike, heading toward the ocean: Wild Horses
Pheasant? [edit: Kalij Pheasant?]
Mule enjoying the view of ocean and cliffs @ Polulu Valley


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Chameleon pic is terrific.

Duck I think is Muscovy.

Jim H. said...

Muscovy are not indigenous to HI. Maybe someone brought it in. But you're most likely right.

Golden bird might be Saffron Finch. Invasive.

Kalij Pheasant? Also invasive.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Muscovy is not native to W.V., either. But they are there.

That's one I'm sure about.