18 December 2013

Jakob Wolfgang Gunther von H. aka Jake, RIP (2000-2013)

I'm not an obsessive pet poster. Here's two (the earlier post, at the bottom, is really quite interesting if you haven't read it), and you might find a couple of random pix scattered. That doesn't mean I'm not a pet lover nor an avid pet photog. But I felt I wanted to share this.

This is a bit of a sad Christmas for the H's. We lost Jake, our 13-year old German Shepherd Dog. He was a great dog and faithful companion. He raised all three of my children. I spent more time with him in the last 13 years than I did with either my wife or my kids. He and I work out of the house together while everybody else goes off to work and school.

He had a long, happy life for a GSD, a great yard, and a family that dearly loved him. We took him on car trips, hikes in the NC and GA mountains, and lake and beach vacations where he proved to be a champion body surfer. Pretty much everywhere we went without flying. He never met a body of water he didn't want to jump into and play. He loved children, and they loved him. If you came to my home and I welcomed you, Jake welcomed you instantly into his herd.

Toward the end, he developed the canine version of Lou Gehrig's Disease [ALS]: Chronic Degenerative Myeolopathy. It's progressive and incurable. He was beginning to suffer and struggle, couldn't walk without falling on his backside, couldn't control his legs. It was a wrenching family decision, but we had to put him to sleep. We are waiting until Wisdomie comes home for Christmas to spread his ashes in his beloved dogyard.

We miss you, Buddy!

Here's the first pic we took when we brought him home.

Floppy eared fluffball who looks you right in the eyes
You might find happier pictures of me, but I assure you you won't find many. Jake, either! My 80 lb lap dog.
Wisdaughter's touching pictorial tribute
Jake in HIS fenced yard which he gracefully shared with tiny Lily. His last day.
Jake and Sasha by the fire. Our last pic of Jake.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

My sympathies, Jim H.

That is a long life for a non-mutt. (And even mutts like Theda will be lucky to make it that long.)

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

My condolences. You have to be a good person to be better than an average dog - and I'm sure Jake was definitely a well-above-average dog.

Randal Graves said...

Seconded and thirded.

Frances Madeson said...

Beautiful tribute, Jim. Wisdom of the West won't be the same without him.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

I read your account of the girl who asked for the reward for Jake's return, and wondered if there were further developments you can share.