13 November 2013


Celebrating Veterans' Day née Armistice Day—now, WWI, that was a real total war—Wisdoc and I circumnavigated/perambulated [Wisdaughter's studying for the GRE's] Stone Mountain, just outside Atlanta. Five miles, yo! Shot some snaps for you. As always, click to embiggen a slide show, mouse over for 'secret' message.

The Confederate Rushmore: Jeff Davis, Rob't Lee, Stonewall Jackson on the front side. Saw Radiohead play here in front of this giant granite outcropping just after moving to ATL. Laser shows on the summer weekend nights. 
Apparently it snowed last night, but it all fell in that one pile 
The old Grist Mill
Moved here from Ellijay, GA
A stick in the water
View of the Covered Bridge
The back side of Stone Mountain reflected in Venable Lake
Another day, another fiery sunset

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I love the water pics, Jim. So reflective!