24 July 2013

Face the Bird

Favorite new song (which has nothing to do with my previous post—you'd think):


The Mantles performs "Marbled Birds" at Cakeshop, NYC from BlearyEyedBrooklyn.com on Vimeo.
[belated h/t to BDR for turning me on to The Mantles]

[not The Who's version, or Pearl Jam's, or Motorhead's]

[It shouldn't need to be said, but anyone lighting a lighter and screaming "Freebird" will be ushered hence.]


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


Randal Graves said...

Relax, I don't smoke.

Jim H. said...

@Thunder: Wait. What was that word?

@RG: Get thee hence, Satan.

Unknown said...

I noticed every video has the word "bird" in it and I find it cool. What's with the "bird"? Haha. Anyway, these are awesome songs! Thanks for the sharing 'em.

- Liam, skin peels

Jim H. said...

Nice catch, Liam. Thanks. And best commercial hack ever. Yea, I clicked on your link.

Abonilox said...

Thanks for the tunes & the very appropriate opinion of Freebird -- a song that brings back worst memories of high school.