19 June 2012

Spam Sushi

Stuff in my yard:
Blue Hydrangea Blossom
Niobe and Hydrangeas w/ Butterfly Bush and Variegated Ivy
Some kinda' weird mushroom fungi thing. If you know what it is please alert me in the Comments.

More of the same popping out of the mulch. Pretty suggestive, huh?
Trampoliniensus Jimbus Jumpus next to Lady Banks' Rose Arbor. I'll give it to you if you take it down and haul it away
Cats and Dogs:

Sasha and Lily: The Peaceable Kitchen
Sasha's Spay Scar. Note that her skin is Snow Leopard spotted. This came as a revelation to me. Ever seen anything like this before?
Other random pics:

Transit of Venus on the ceiling of Fernbank Planet-arium
Just when my bubblegum lost its flavor. Bonanza! Take your pick!
Hanging by the Keg
Wisdomie—who is now a bona fide Scuba Instructor in Hawaii—informs me that Spam is the favorite dish of our 50th State. This is the Spam shelf in my local gro. The section at his gro is at least 10x this size. The locals' favorite is Spam sushi. You heard that right: Spam Sushi.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Would you believe Eastern Stinkhorn, Jim?

The Eastern Stinkhorn is one of the “phalloid” stinkhorns, so-called because of the suggestive shape of the mature fruiting body.

Nice pics...I like the peaceful pets!

Randal Graves said...

Bah, we know what happens.

I honestly cannot remember if I've ever had Spam, which seems to be a strange development. If you've, thumbs up/down?

Jim H. said...

Wow! Thunder, you totally win the internet. Great site! Thanks.

@RG: You just keep right on driving. Indeed.
I don't recall eating that shit either, but I've promised I'll have a (that's ONE, SINGLE, UNO) Spam sushi when I go out to visit and dive with my eldest this summer.

OTOH: I get a ton of spam everyday in several of my email accounts. Can't make it stop.