12 August 2010

Speaking of Serendipity

I just picked up my copy of the latest The New Yorker to find an article by Tad Friend in the 'Downtown Chronicles' section entitled: "Sleeping With Weapons: Why did John Lurie disappear?"

Was it the zeit or the geist that led me to post all those "Fishing With John" shows the last couple of weeks?

The entire article is behind the mag's paywall, but here's the abstract.

"The protracted duet has become a kind of living performance piece, but neither man is able to see it as art: Perry because he views himself solely as a painter, and Lurie because he never before associated art with a fear of death."

Hey, if Lurie had "never before associated art with a fear of death," maybe he might've benefitted from reading a few of my Ur-story theme posts? Particularly the earlier pieces (scroll down, John; start with Gilgamesh and work your way forward).

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