23 April 2010

Earth Day, 2010

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary celebration of Earth Day. Without WoW turning into a Facebook page, I'll celebrate by posting some nature pics I've taken in the last couple weeks. (Click 'em, yo!)

Here's Jake and Lily frolicking in the Gulf and a picture of the State Park on St. George Island, FL:

Here's a pic of black water from Tate's Hell Swamp and the Apalachicola National Forest:

Here's some pics of my backyard. I've lived in Atlanta for ten years, and this is the prettiest Spring ever. (Thanks El Nino) The azalea blooms are gargantuan, the fringe tree blossoms cottony, the Japanese maples extravagant, the Carolina jasmine imperious, and the dogwoods and cherry blossoms (pretty much gone by now) were fragrant and beautiful. And the greens are deep and varied. It's a riot back there:

Enjoy! Have a nice weekend.

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