08 July 2009

Who's Next?

In case you were looking for fingerprints (and I knew you were—inquiring minds want to know) for this (classic honey trap), this (exotic honey trap), and this (fish in a barrel), I say look no further than this guy.

Remember: Back last November, I made the following prediction:
One last point re: Sarah Palin in 2012. Sarah Palin will never be president—in 2012 or ever. Mark my words. There are too many big boys lying in the tall grass waiting their chance. To name two: Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. They will take her down before they take on each other. And as I often counsel my friends, never get in the middle of an elephant-f*ck.
And what secretive ally of his (and his family) was responsible for vetting and compiling dossiers on the leaders of the elephant party (i.e., potential rivals)? That would be this guy. And who's heading up the PR front? You guessed it.

Picking them off one by one. Who's next?

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Frances Madeson said...

I heard the funniest joke in line at the Whole Foods while waiting to pay for my sliced papaya. What did the Mummy elephant say to the Daddy elephant before the shots started ringing in earnest?

Give up?


Sorry to bore you to death with my insipid drivel?

Oh dear, I can’t remember the punch line.