22 December 2007


Welcome to my Blog!

We often hear tales about seekers trekking to the mountains of Tibet or the ashrams of India or the temples of China or the monasteries of Japan hoping to find some mysterious Wisdom of the East only to come away with a riddle or an impenetrable koan. Or the seeker is told he must scrub floors or peel potatoes or beg or sit contemplatively for decades before he can even begin to understand the nature of his pursuit. Indeed, this is what we often think about first when we think about wisdom.

I believe we here in the West also have a form of wisdom to offer the seeker. Some comes from traditional philosophy. Some from religion. And some from literature. These, of course, are not the only sources. Nor do any of them have a monopoly on the topic. Much can be gleaned from mere objective observation and reflection. Much more can develop through dialogue.

For the past few years I have been writing a book with the title of this blog. Its subjects include such things as first principles, faith vs. reason, life on earth, meaning, communication, love, work, diversity, controversy, knowledge, time, change, power, law, freedom, technology, history, property, economics and markets, the environment, war and peace, religion, and government. I will post my thoughts on these and many other topics in the hope of engaging you, the readers here, in a dialogue about what wisdom our Western civilization is contributing to the great project of humankind here on planet Earth.

Please join me!

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