20 October 2011


You better, you better, you bet.



I'm on fire. (Extra points for allusion)

Thanks, Capt. Obvious.

Lake's down a few feet.

In cold hell...

Sunset boulevard.

Things growing on other things.

Eye Candy.

More of the same.

Where you get your Xmas trees.

w/ Lily.

And Civilization rises.


Pay attention, now.

Jake & Jim H. (h/t Mary Ann w/ the shaky hands)
Now you see me...

Now you don't.

That's Bouquet.

Duck, duck, goose. That's just a cryin' shame.

No claw marks so far as I can see.

If you ever go to Panthertown, you'll need one of these.


Things growing on other things.

Into the woods.

Electric avenue.

Fernwood tonight.

I'm on fire. (That's The Dwight Tilley Band)

A settlement. People. Shhh!

Seriously, you have to click this one.

This one, too.

Cairn? Idol?

Was that banjo music? Let's get moving.

More stuff growing on other stuff.

We landed on this side of the sign, is that okay?

Yum, that was tasty!

More stuff growing on other stuff.

Even more.

Watering hole.


What the heck is this stuff?

Amanita, jump a little lighter.

Stuff on stuff.

Again, what in the world is this stuff?

Snailish 'Shroom.

Lots of this stuff about.

A purpling.

Pocket falls.

Watering hole redux.

Stuff, stuff.


Trickle down theory.

Life on the rocks, reprise.

Storm's abrewing.

Wild weed.


Foggy afternoon, but these color don't hide. [Note the little cat feet in the upper right corner.]

Satisfying. Cheers, y'all!


Randal Graves said...

Dig these with a muchness (except the pet one, hope they find their pal). "Transcendent," about a quarter of the way down, looks like your brought a can of vaguely neon purple with you and splashed a bit down.

Didn't get the stated musical reference, but do remember Eddy Grant and now I feel old.

Landru said...

Very nicely done. Looks like a good day.

Jim H. said...

Thanks guys. How in the world do you lose a goose? I mean, we were way back up in the woods and hills. If this goose lived in that guy's pond and he took it for a walk and it got off the leash... It was just baffling.

It was a great two days, L.