18 October 2011

Life on the Rocks

Click it or ticket: Clicking on any of the pics below will open a slide show presentation. You will not, however, get the captions in the slide show. Enjoy:

Micro: Mica.

Lichen: the gathering storm.


Deep, dark, moist crucible.

More stuff that grows on rocks.

Welcome aboard, me berries!

It's complicated.

Gathering life unto itself; gathering death.

Clinging or creeping?

It gets more complicated.

Dank life.


Burgeon or Creep?

Taking root.

On what? In what?

Further Complication. Complexification.

Same: Macro. (My breath gone now, taken.)

Same, writ larger. (Check that palette!)

Writ even larger. (Same palette at lower elevation)

Foggy notion: I cling to the rock.


Randal Graves said...

Since I thought that one caption read "deep, dark moist cubicle," does that mean capitalism has won the future?

Jim H. said...