24 March 2011

More of the Same

See? This is just the kind of thing I've been talking about. MIT scientist Daniel Nocera, founder of Sun Catalytix, has discovered how to generate energy from water. "[T]his process splits hydrogen from the two oxygen molecules in water to create power from the sun. One and a half bottles of water, including wastewater, can power a small house, and a swimming pool filled with water refreshed once a day will generate enough energy to run a plant." If I had fifty or a hundred thou to throw around, I'd love to invest in something like this. To my mind it could be like getting in on MicroSoft or Apple REAL early. (Or Compuserve).

My only question is whether the technology works with sea water. Whenever power and industry compete with the poor for a single resource such as potable water, the folks who need it for mere subsistence tend to lose out. Ethanol, anyone?

Hey, what about a bacterium that craps petroleum?


Anonymous said...

Three thoughts.

1) Southland Tales

2) Pons & Fleischmann

3) What replaces the Hx split off and turned into energy? Why won't this burn through our environment's hydrogen and/or water?

Anonymous said...

And a fourth observation:

What does this suggest?