25 March 2011


Here I am nearing the finish line of the Georgia Half Marathon last Sunday. That's 13.1 miles, yo. Not sure if that's a smile or a grimace on my face, or just me gasping for breath.

It was a perfect day for running: started before sunrise, temp rose to low/mid 50s, cloud cover.

It's my third Half in the last year; I'd never run that distance in my life before last year's race. Though not a PR, I was pleased with my result: within 20 seconds of my projected time. And but for a four-minute bathroom break waiting to get into a smelly port-o-john, I would've been right on my PR. But here's the thing: I set my PR at the Myrtle Beach Half, which is flat, straight, and at sea level—none of which is to be found here in the ATL. Elevation approx. 1000 ft. Hills galore: 1407 ft. elevation change, 702 ft. total climb. By comparison, I was 28 minutes faster overall than last year's Half on the same course. That's over 2 minutes per mile improvement in one year! (If I can keep up that rate, in six years I won't even have to run the darn thing! Heh.) Not bad for an old guy.

You can follow the saga of my running exploits (and the story behind those shoes) here.


Frances Madeson said...

Bulk and swagger--looking good!

Anonymous said...


Do those sock-shoes make your feet happy? Are they easy enough on the feet, ankles, knees, hips? I've had a few friends swear to their comfort but don't know anyone who runs distance in them.

Hey, did you ever watch Redbelt? Or Spartan?

Jim H. said...

Your comment somehow got lost in Spam folder. Found it. Sorry.

Spartan, yes. Had, indeed, seen it. On second thought, after your description, I recall seeing Redbelt when it first came out. Not so memorable, frankly, for me.

Happy body. Feet get sore about 10 mile mark, but you get used to it. Training for a full mary starting in May. Read MacDougall's Born to Run (and my linked posts) for inspiration and truth about how minimalist running saved another old guy.

Miss your blog, you April Fool you. Hope all's well.