02 September 2010

End-of-Summer Miscellany

You may notice a subtle change to the blog: now when you click on a link it will open in a new window. Let me know if you hate it. I learned how here.


Results of WoW's "America is…" poll as voted by you the readers:

Fat 81%
Empire 45%
A corporate regulatory zone 45% (my personal choice)
A nation of immigrants 45%
Neither 36'%
Both 27%
Hopelessly corrupt 27%
A third world nation 18%
Bankrupt 18%
Shut up you DFH 18%
The last best hope on earth 9%

Thanks, everyone, for voting.


It's September and the Braves are still in the hunt! There's something pretty cool about rooting for a team in a late season pennant race. I've been a Braves fan pretty much since they moved to ATL back in the 60s. I fondly remember listening to their night games on my AM transistor radio under the covers long after my mother made me turn out the lights. To this day I enjoy listening to games on my car radio—tipsy baseball commentators are wonderfully colorful and insightful, and the game lends itself to description; the field, the positions, the nomenclature, etc.

As in each of the past 7 or 8 years, one of my kids is singing the National Anthem at a game this season. But this year it's in October and against the Phillies! How freaking' cool is that!


You might have noticed from the posts for the last few weeks, as well as being a frustrated baseball player and/or play-by-play man, I'm also a frustrated musician and/or DJ. Thus, I indulge:

New album by Thieving Irons:

Tow The Line by Thieving Irons

You can stream the whole album here. Interview with Nate Martinez here.


Sorry. Had to do it.

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