06 September 2010

Dan Green @ The Reading Experience

Dan Green has a new post up at The Reading Experience. Turns out he's hanging up his keyboard. Well, not exactly. TRE is morphing to a new form: TRE2.

His other blogs will stay active, and the invaluable TRE archives will remain on-line and searchable. He will be publishing an edited compilation of some of his exemplary posts, both electronic and print versions.

Dan has been an awe-inspiring presence in the lit- and crit-blogosphere lo these many years. He was an early linker and commenter here, for which I'm truly grateful. WoW wishes him the best and looks forward to what comes next. I'm sure it'll be well worth all our attentions. Keep stirring things up, Dan.

A fan,
Jim H.


Frances Madeson said...

"WoW wishes him the best and looks forward to what comes next. I'm sure it'll be well worth all our attentions."

It already is, Jim! Did you see his "A Period of Transition: Contemporary Literature and the Academy" post on Secondary Sources? He's proactively periodizing (or as I laughed to myself when I finished reading it--A "Post-" Post Redux).

(Jim, I wish you'd publish your novel already. It would cost you way less than one of those fabulous diving vacations and would bring you and your readers so much pleasure.)

BDR said...

Unrelated to this post, but really like the new look.

I swear, if it wasn't a bigger hassle than it's worth, I'd ditch typepad and go back to blooger.

Jim H. said...

Thanks, Dog. To get the background pic I had to Google some workarounds on the web that Blogger didn't allow. I suspect you could do the same on typepad—code is out there.

FM: I'd love to discuss with you you're experience with publishing your book. Believe me, the thought has crossed my mind. I have a couple nibbles now from agents that I'm running down. Meanwhile, I continue to write. Hope you're doing the same.

Frances Madeson said...

Any time you want, Jim. Two important pluses outweigh all the minuses in my estimation: you'll never experience the indignity of having your book remaindered. And you'll never see it go out of print in your lifetime (or in your case, your heirs').

Kind of in a period of transition right now--sale of co-op in contract, closing next month, big ending just ahead. I'll start something new in earnest when I get where I'm going. Thanks for saying.

Frances Madeson said...

I'm going to admit it. Sometimes I come here just to play the records (when I'm not still sneaking in the Bunker Pagoda).

Sorry in advance to be a buttinsky (as my father used to call me), but since you and BDR were already kibbitzing about techie upgrades, I'd like to vote for a Grooveshark link. C'mon, it'd be really and truly fun to have a rotating Wow theme song, the way Stephen Mitchelmore does his art thumbnails on This Space. It's the least you can do for us WoW addicts.

(You know you want it too!)

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