07 May 2009

Music Trivia/Vox Pop: The Way Outs

It's time to play 'Stump the Band' here on WoW.

Some time back, a friend gave me an mp3 called "Cleopatra" by a group called The Way Outs. It might be from an album or ep called "Bite". I don't know. I can't find anything out about it. The song is a catchy power pop, psych, surf tune. Listen to it here (check the sublime bridge that begins at about 2:55), but come back:

The Way Outs - Cleopatra

Now, I know it's not these guys:

It sounds like it could be this now-defunct Belgian VOX-only combo:

The cool, Vox guitars and fuzz box would seem to indicate as much. But I can't be sure; there's nothing on either of their websites about this song. I'd like to know if this song a cover of another band's song or an original. And if this is indeed the same Way Outs—was there an Aussie band by the same name?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Unknown said...


this is my old band. We were part of the 80s new sincerity scene in Austin, Tx. Together from 1987 to 1997. The song is a track from our album, "bite" (recorded for an indie label: yellow moon records, never released, though it can be purchased online if you search hard enough so apparently somebody released it without telling us???).

It is an original. The lead cut on the album is 'what your want" which appeared on the Veronica Mars pilot.

Here is our myspace if you want to see videos or other clips: