14 June 2013

Diver Down: The Forbidden Isle, Pictorial Interlude

[cont'd from previous post]

Kaua'i pics for the visually-oriented (as always, click pic to embiggen slide show; mouse over for quip):

Selfie, overlooking Waimea Canyon, "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific."
Rain Forest
Wisdaughter and the fam scrambling up the muddy trail.
Na Pali Coast from the interior, land side.
Wisdomie trying to figure out what to do next
Na Pali Coast hike, Ocean Side. See that big rock? It saved my life when my foot slid over the side. More about that later.
Wisdoc. Breathless. Na Pali Coast trail. North Shore of the Island 
That's a helicopter below me there.
Trail Head for Na Pali Coast hike. The next day was The Dive! Shoulda' paid attention.
Not Jim H.! Southside of Kaua'i, near Poipu.
Like I said, you WANT to hike with me
More to come.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I went up Waimea Canyon in the rental car. Unfortunately, I was up in the clouds at the top, but I got some nice pictures on the way.

Those were all taken with the Canon EOS 650, aka film. So they're in a box somewhere.

Nice pics, Jim. Digital cameras have revolutionized vacation!