05 April 2013

A Break in the Action. Plus Bunny Goodness!

I'm sure going philosophical on you these last few weeks has pretty much bored the four of you who still read this detritus to something like migraines. Hits are way down. As are links to. Thus interludes. Still, I think it's a good thing to take your mind out for a walk occasionally.

Now intervenes Spring Break ATL-style. I'll be stepping away from the edge for a week or so and heading to the edge of the Continent. (Not attending, btw, the Final Four. No Carolina, no me.)

Before I do, speaking of "animal deals," I want to share an email I received this week. Some of you may recall my "A Nest of Bunnies" post from April, 2010 (which serendipitously presaged my "Fouling the Nest" post). In fact, if you Google "nest of bunnies" one of the images from that post comes up first. (FIRST, Yo! Does this mean I win the Internets?)

Anyway to the email, and I quote:
Hey Jim,
Hello and happy Easter!
I am an intern at the Wildlife Rehabilitation center at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, NC and I am working on an educational flier for springtime. I was hoping to use one of your baby bunnies photos from your post "A nest of baby bunnies" posted April 26th, 2010.
The flier is to help people understand when wildlife needs their help and when wildlife should be left in the wild. As an example of wildlife that does not need help, we want to use a nest of baby bunnies. Your vet had it right, they have not been abandoned - mom will come back in a bit and people should leave them be :) I google image searched baby bunnies and I liked your photo the best.
Please let me know if it's ok for us to use your photo - we will site it properly and give you credit and I'd be happy to send you the completed flier if you are interested!
Thank you for your time!
Believing this not to be an April Fools' Day catfishing prank, my prompt response (all true):
I am really honored. I have been going to the NC Zoo since it first opened. I'm a Carolina native and a UNC grad. I try to take my nieces and nephews and children (or at least I did when they were all younger) to the zoo in Asheboro every time I get back to visit family. We have some wonderful family memories of being there.

Please feel free to use my bunny-nest-in-the-ivy photo. True to life, their mom came back and moved them. Occasionally, we see a juvenile or other adult rabbit in the vicinity and wonder if it was once a nestling there.

Thanks so much for respecting my post enough to ask to use the photo. And YES! I would love a copy of the flier.
This was just as satisfying as the email I got from a prof at Boston University telling me my blog was on the optional reading list for an undergrad class in Humanities.

Here's the awwww reprised:

If you're interested, we'll be at St. George Island, FL, on the Gulf:

Deserted Beaches
Barrier Island, Three-Mile Bridge

The Apalachicola Bay is home to the bestest oysters in the world. (Sorry Chesapeake)


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I'll be stepping away from the edge for a week or so and heading to the edge of the Continent.

Don't fall off...

Frances Madeson said...

Here's a little more affirmation for you, Jim: I finally bought the GD barefoot five-finger shoes--the pricey brand you recommend--AND I'm taking my mind out for a walk while sporting them. I don't know; it felt like some kind of turning point.

Randal Graves said...