04 June 2017

LaLa Land

Flying over the geometry of the Mississippi River. But where am I going?
Oh. Must be L.A. But why?
Daughter's MSW from USC! Congrats! So Proud!
Forever Felix!
And this must be Santa Monica!
Colorful ruins of Santa Monica.
That DTLA feeling.
Hiking behind the Hollywood sign.
Western Hikes are different.
Reward? Meh.
"But, Doc!" 
Drunk or merely recumbent. DTLA, again.
Too pretty to eat, Nobu Malibu (edible flowers, yo!). Celebratory dinner.
At sunset, no less! Chillier than you'd think.
Like I said, Western hiking is different. Bloom above Malibu!
Canyons (technically in the city).
Train Station, DTLA.
Leaving LA under a cloud. But where am I going?
Santa Fe? Is this New Mexico? And who is this Saint Fe you speak of?
No! It's the home of the Fathers! Petco Park.
San Diego. Whale's vagina or post-modern Kafka-esque hellscape?
SD Zoo was a bit disappointing, as are most zoos. But where else can you see a sad Mandrill so close?
Or a magnificently odd Giant Anteater?
La Jolla Cove, after diving with sea lions, banded guitar fish, horned shark, & Garibaldi in a kelp forest preserve.
And close out the trip with field level seats for a Padres game! (Fathers gave up 8 runs in the top of the 1st. Beer was good, though!)


Mongo, At The Moment said...

Travel by train is great.

Tengrain said...

The San Diego train station is one of my favorite in California; the tile work inside is beyond belief.